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Free field athletic facilities

Surrounded by lush groves, the Kids’ Ninja Village offers well over 20 field athletic attractions such as a suspension bridge, tree climbing and pond crossing, among many others. Enjoy the feeling of being a true ninja in costume. We offer the “Shugyo-no-mori Course,” the “Kakure Toride Copurse” and the “Shinobi Toride Course.”

Fee-charged facilities

Please note that additional fees will be charged in addition to the village admission fee (Kozaru ticket) when using the following facilities:

Shinobi Karakuri Fushigi Yashiki (Labyrinth wonder house)
Ninja Slalom (Exciting sleigh ride)
Ninjutsu Yashiki (House of ninja’s surprise tricks)
Shuriken (knife throwing), Toteki (rubber knife throwing), Fukiya (blowgun shooting)
* Charge: \300 per round per person for each facility
If you have purchased any one of the Kirigakure, Kagero or Sarutobi ticket packages when entering the village, you can choose to pay the charge for any one of the above attractions with the facility use coupon attached to your relevant ticket packages.


The Sasuke-jaya and Nin-nin restaurants (under one roof) cater to visitors with menus of diverse delicacies including the Togakushi area’s famed soba (buckwheat noodles) and gyudon (rice bowl topped with cooked beef). Ice cream and snacks such as sandwiches are also available.

Souvenir shop

Our souvenir shop offers you a fine array of unique shopping items, such as ninja’s swords and throwing-knives as well as specialties native to Togakushi. These all make unique souvenirs to take home.

Amusements Movies

Sorry,Japanese only.

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