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Kids’ Ninja Village

An Exciting Hands-on Amusement Park
The Home of Ninja — Kids’ Ninja Village
Take up the Challenges of Ninja Training to Become a Ninja Yourself!
Here You Can Gain the Mastery of the Togakushi-School of Ninja.

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The Togakushi area of Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture is the legendary home of the Togakushi-school of ninja who played various undercover roles in espionage during Japan’s Period of Warring States during the 15th and 16th centuries. Kids’ Ninja Village is a truly exciting amusement park focused on ninja-related hands-on attractions. Offering a variety of exciting and stimulating facilities, Kids’ Ninja Village guarantees a day full of great fun for children and adults alike. We continue to host an ever-increasing number of visitors from overseas. Join in the fun and become a true international ninja.



▦ Open  Late April ~ Late November
▦ Business hours  9:00AM ~ 5:00PM
▦ Closed  Thursdays (open daily for the summer vacation period, mid-July ~ end August)


~ Elem. school children
Preschool children
(6 ~ 4 years old)
Kozaru ticket
(Village admission)
\500 \230
Sarutobi ticket
(Admission + 6 coupons for attractions)
\1850 \1630

* A discount rate applies to groups (30 visitors or more).
* A “Kids’ Ninja Village HP (homepage) special discount ticket” is also available. Click the Link below for details.

Rental ninja costume

Rental ninja costumes are available. By wearing a ninja costume, you can actively enjoy field athletics and other hands-on activities without worrying about soiling your clothes. The ninja costume is highly popular among our visitors since it makes them look “Cool” in souvenir photos. There is no time limit for use of the costume. Just return it when you leave the park.

For children:
red or black (coat + trousers)
(100cm ~ 150cm)
For adults:
red or black (coat + trousers)
(free size)
\400 \800

* Please do not take the costume outside of the park.
* If you are interested in buying a ninja costume of your very own, costumes are available for sale at our souvenir shop! Ninja headbands and wristbands are favorite items as well.


May: Shuriken (knife throwing) Contest — 3rd Sunday, 1:00PM ~
June: Ninja Taiken (stealth & combat techniques) Session — 3rd Sunday, 1:00PM ~
July: Mizugumo (ninja water-walking shoe) Race — 3rd Sunday, 1:00PM ~
August: Oni-bi (Jack-o’-lantern) Festival — 1st Sunday, 9:00AM ~
August: Iga-school Ninjutsu (ninja techniques) Show — 3rd Sunday, 1:00PM ~
September: Ninjutsu (ninja techniques) Time Race — 4th Sunday, 1:00PM ~
October: Kagerou Festival(Autumn festival) — 3rd Sunday, 9:00AM ~

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